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Помогла сам многима, после 1103 маила ни један одговор да се помогне мени. Богу хвала,што ме створи овакву. Можете да ме мрзите,можете да ме волите али морате да ме поштујете!
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Humanitarian organization "The Magic - Cinderella of the 21st century and Friends" is an
organization whose main goal is helping vulnerable families, children, the sick people ...
We do not recognize racial or religious divisions, and we believe that every man is important for the
The organization is duly registered according to Serbian Legislative and is self-funded. The
organization was founded seven (7) years ago and has successfully achieved over 80 humanitarian
actions across Serbia. During these actions tens of thousands of garments and shoes, a great amount
of furniture, respectable financial assistance, a significant amount of medicines and medical
supplies, gifts for kids ... were distributed to:
Special institutions for abandoned children
Poor families
Sick children and people
Old people
Health organizations
Other civil society organizations
link from site 2007-2014 year
http://www.pepeljuga21veka.org.rs/forum /viewforum.php?f=133

The organization have repeatedly intercede in finding not available drugs in Serbia interconnecting
people from abroad with patients in Serbia.
Our humanitarian work significantly expanded, and there is a particularly significant increase in the
number of regular users of humanitarian aid.
My name is Svetlana Urošević and I am the founder and the president of the Humanitarian
organization "The Magic - Cinderella of the 21st century and Friends".
My house is the central point from which my Humanitarian organization starts all humanitarian
actions. My house is located in Grocka, one of the peripheral municipalities of Belgrade, capital of
As you know, in mid-May, three days torrential rain with disastrous consequences affect a large part
of Serbia. An amount of rain that would normally fall on this part of Serbia in three months had
fallen in these three days.
The situation was catastrophic. Thousands of landslides had swept away homes and turned idyllic
hillside communities into cascades of muck and debris. Farm fields were washed away, coal mines
flooded. Bridges were knocked from their moorings and sent floating down swollen rivers like
barges. “These are the kind of waters not seen in 1,000 years, let alone 100,” said Serbian prime
minister during a cabinet meeting televised to our citizens.
My municipality Grocka was one of those municipalities that were most affected by the three days
torrential rain.
My house in Grocka, where the Humanitarian organization "The Magic - Cinderella of the 21st
century and Friends" is located, was also badly damaged due to heavy rains. One part of the roof
and one of two chimneys are crashed, and the entire roof is in a very poor condition. The rooms are
all leaking even in a light rain. Any minute I expect to fall down a whole roof and ceilings of
rooms, because in last period we often have heavy rains.
Even in such a situation we (myself as coordinator, my colleagues and humanitarians from abroad)
have organized several observed humanitarian actions during which we have delivered most
necessary humanitarian aid in different part of Serbia (Grocka, Smederevska Palanka, Paraćin,
Trstenik…) where we have had heavy damages after torrential rain. In the near future we are
preparing new humanitarian actions, because the normalization of life across affected areas of
Serbia is expected to be long-term project of the first priority.
So, I need help for reconstruction of my house, where the Humanitarian organization "The Magic -
Cinderella of the 21st century and Friends" is located. I must build new roof and new ceilings of
rooms, as well as to strengthen the entire construction of my house. I need only help in
Construction and Building Materials (the total amount of around 12.000 euros), because manual
work will be done by my friends.
Whatever donation amount you decide to help me with for purchasing of Construction and
Building Materials, please let me know. In that case we should agree in which way you
could send me your help. My bank account will be totally open for all donors, and when I
collect the
needed amount (around 12.000 euros), I will notify all donors. The data of all donors
including the donated amounts in euros will be presented on the WEB site of my
humanitarian organisation. Also, the whole donor action will be broadcasting by the
electronic media NASAGROCKA.INFO and some of the Serbian TV media.

Media about my work and life
I will be very grateful if you provide me any assistance for the reconstruction of my house.
I greet you with the motto of the Humanitarian organization "The Magic - Cinderella of the 21st
century and Friends"
Live long and prosper!
Svetlana Urošević
President of of the Humanitarian organization
"The Magic - Cinderella of the 21st century and Friends", 19 Narodnih heroja
I expect

any moment that whole roof will collapse.
The walls were also soaked in water, and I really don’t know how long would it take for my house to
fall completely apart. In a month, several months or …? I’m afraid of forthcoming winter …
Postoji los izbor, veoma los izbor i postoji Moj izbor

Можете да ме мрзите, можете да ме волите, али морате да ме поштујете

Миран је онај ко зна а ћути, и који не верује у оно што чује док не провери!


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